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Spring wedding
There are many different options to choose from if you have decided to go for a spring wedding. Spring is the season of new beginnings and freshness and new life, and what more of a romantic way to start you marriage than to tap into this ideology?

Spring wedding colors are possibly the most delightfully fresh of all of the traditional wedding color palettes. Spring wedding tones include cool colors in hues of baby pink, rich cream, lemon yellow, soft lilac, pale sky blue, mint green, and soft silver tones. This in itself will really help to set the tone for your special day.

Here are some really great ideas to help get you thinking about the ways in which you and your intended can really capture the spring feeling at your spring themed wedding…

Spring Wedding Ideas – Easter Themed Excitement

Because Easter falls within the spring season it is always a great starting point when you are thinking about ideas for your wedding at this time of year. You can have as much fun with this ideas as you would like, from chocolate shaped bunny rabbits as edible centre pieces at your chosen venue, to elegantly decorated Faberge style eggs. If you wanted to introduce a bit of fun into your or event then you could even plan a treasure trail style egg hunt for your wedding guests. This will provide a really impressive, unexpected and entertaining element to your special day that will really be a memorable to all of those guests who you and your intended choose to invite to help celebrate your union.

Spring Wedding Ideas – Fantastic Florals

In the spring time there is naturally an abundance of flowers beginning to bud and blossom. One of the simplest ways to create a really traditional theme at this time of year is to really utilize this. Flowers can be used to wonderful effect in all areas of your spring themed wedding day. This can go from aspects including the bridal bouquet, button holes, floral hair pieces, decorations at the venue, and center pieces on the tables. Spring wedding flowers are light and fresh and clean. Great examples include the following: Alliums, Anenomes, Bluebells, Roses, Columbines, Cow Parsley, Eucaluyptus, Freesia, Hyacinths, Iris, Ivy, Snowdrops, Snowflakes, Sweet Peas, Tulips and Violets. You can also choose to use the floral idea in a less literal way, for example use silk flowers or golden shapes in the silhouettes of leaves or fronds.

Spring Wedding Ideas – Fairies and Butterflies

The overall idea of a spring wedding is mostly rooted in a very romantic frame of thought. So why not carry this on to a more earthrial level? Spring themes such as fairies and butterflies can be used to great effect on your wedding day to create a very tender and exciting mood. You could use these emblems in many different ways, including hanging mobiles, crystal ornaments, porcelain statues or even ice sculptures. You could choose to go for fairy lights as your wedding decoration, entwined with flowers and foliage, and inter-mingle images or models of fairies and butterflies within these, suspended by wire. This will create a really wonderful feeling of magic and romance at your wedding venue.

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